Monday, May 4, 2009

04/29/2009 - Experimental determination of the effect of salts, regolith, and wind on the stability of water under Martian conditions

Julie Chittenden

Many fundamental processes on Mars require an understanding of the temperature and pressure conditions at the Martian surface. In particular, the stability of liquid water is a key factor in formation of gully features, and is significant to the possibly for life on Mars. Dr. Chittenden will discuss her experimental work on the stability of water under martian conditions, performed at the University of Arkansas in the Mars planetary simulation chamber. Her results suggests concentrated brine water may remain liquid on the Martian surface longer than previously thought. She will also report the effect of a regolith layer on subsurface ice sublimation and the effect of wind on the stability of surface water ice on Mars.

watch video ( at the SETI Institute Channel from YouTube )

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